Wedding / Engagement video - Effort #1

If you don't already know, I do enjoy filming and editing video. In fact it has been an interest since the first time I connected 2 VHS recorders, and started editing movie clips together and over dubbing them with music when I was about 15..

Over the past couple of years I have made a few super low budget music videos for some local bands, and have recently started to integrate this into my photography.

Although I'm not to sure if this would even be something that would interest all that many people really, but whilst out and about with Jenny & Kieren the other week, taking some pictures in the sun, I decided to film some footage and make some kind of engagement video..

I didn't want to take up to much time messing about with video whilst out with a couple, but I can certainly see a use for this in the future.. 

I would like to maybe include a short interview with the couple, bring up maybe a funny story or 2 about when they met, and make it something to sit back and enjoy with the kids in years to come..