Website updates, new content and gallery's

Greetings visitors!

So what have I been up to recently you ask?

Well I been shooting some really great weddings over the last few weeks, which has been incredible fun. I travelled to North Wales a few weeks ago for a rainy wedding day, but managed to capture some images I am really happy with, so massive thanks to Kate & Adam for coming up with some great idea's, and being game for a laugh to try things..

I've shot my first back to back wedding this year, which was super tiring, but really worth doing.. To make the challenge even more interesting 1 was in Darlington, the next was in Oxford, so as you can imagine, I did cover a few miles that weekend.

So now I've got a load of images to work on (over 5000 in fact) so I'll be busy clicking my mouse and listening to tunes whilst hammering out the prints and online gallery's.

If you haven't noticed I have been adding some new sections to the website as well, which is brilliant to do, as it does take a while to gather content for a fledgling website, but it is at last starting to come together..

On another note, I also bought a new camera for backup purposes, my wife will be thrilled I'm sure.

Right, I'm going to finish this cup of coffee, before it goes cold.


Cheerio for now!