The Wedding Film

Greetings anyone that may be reading this, feel free to comment or contact me if you have any further thought for me or idea's I could maybe implement..

So, wedding film.. 

I have been asked on a few occasions about filming weddings, which isn't something I do as a traditional "Videographer".

I do however film a lot of HD movie footage during an event, really just to add to slideshows and capture a little bit of the day for the bride & groom to go back to one day.

That said do want to add a little more focus to this through 2016, and of course learn more and become better at making nice little films as well as trying to take lots of pictures.

I have just added a GoPro Hero 4 black edition to my collection of gadgets, which will great for filming timelapse footage, or placing somewhere a little odd, where I probably couldn't get to with my normal camera, I'll probably add another 1 or 2 similar units that will allow me a load of extra creative freedom with video.

Below is a little edit of some footage from 2016.



I am currently uploading a short video filmed with the gopro, I might blog that soon..


Cheers for now!