Adventures with a GoPro

I finally pulled my finger out and bought a GoPro HERO 4 Black Edition a few months ago, obviously I told the wife that this new purchase would be an awesome addition for the business side of things.

Anyway, I didn't get into to much trouble for adding another gadget to my ever growing collection of photographic stuff, and have been getting to grips with what this little thing can do, and how it can benefit my work..

So it's very small, and films amazing 4K footage, as well as being super robust and water proof. It is also super handy for filming slow motion and timelapse footage, which is where it will be of most use to me I guess..

Much to my wife's disgust, I'll probably get another one at some point, but maybe not just yet..

A few weeks ago my son was set the task of having some fun during the half term break, and document your adventures, of course this was a great opportunity to whip out the GoPro and have some fun..  

The school thought this was great fun, and the wife was pretty chuffed with the result..

A few weeks before this we got together with some family to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of my parents in law, we had walks and a swimming pool, yep I took the GoPro to that as well..

So if you see me at your event, fiddling with a little box, probably somewhere weird, that'll be me setting up the camera..