Wedding Albums & Presentation USB Box

Over recent weeks I have received a number of requests and questions regarding wedding albums, so I thought I would update the blog with a little information about some of the options available..

Gone are the days of the classic wedding album we are all probably familiar with, we have endless options for print, cover & paper types and packaging, you might be working to a tight budget, whatever the situation, your options are open.

USB PACKAGING - By wooden Banana 

So as a basic digital package, I love the packaging offered by Wooden Banana. Clean, simple & beautiful boxes, with space for a USB stick and a selection of prints.

The Digital Wedding Album - By Sim Imaging.

When it comes to wedding albums, I love the finish and quality of those produced by Sim Imaging, Loxleycolour & Queensbury Albums.

The options as you can imagine are vast, but this is something you can leave until after the big day if it made things easier. I find talking albums is best done together, but I can't recommend how much better your images will feel and look when printed professionally...