Happy New Year!

Yes I know I am a little bit late with this new year greeting, but better late than never I guess..

Ok so as the dust settles from xmas, I have had a crazy couple of weeks regarding wedding day enquires, January really is the busiest month of the year for my e-mail, so much so I am pretty much booked for the year ahead and for a few dates for 2018 already.

The first wedding of the year came as a bit of a surprise really, when someone who I have worked with many times on music projects, got in contact and asked me to film their wedding day the following week.. Yes the following week!

Anyway I made a few quick buys on amazon and ebay and equipped myself with a few ZOOM H1 mini recorders and lavaliere microphones, which I'll be using to capture speeches and ceremony audio.

Here is a 1 minute teaser of the day.