Post Booking / Wedding Day Timeline & Workflow

Your Wedding Day & Me

I thought I would write a little about what to expect if you have booked me to shoot your wedding day.

Chapter I : The Morning

wedding blog_0381.jpg

The wedding day morning is usually quite chaotic with all the things that are happening, I usually turn up around 10am depending on the time of the service, armed with a couple of cases of camera things, maybe some stands and other toys I'll play with.

At this point I'll be busy trying to make sure I have captured some of the details you have prepared, the shoes, the dresses, hangers & flowers, sometimes I'll be filming and shooting short timelapse footage as well.

I always tell everyone to just ignore me, and just enjoy yourself.

Regardless of what might be happening, I'll always try to shoot a portrait of the bride somewhere before the day really gets going.

wedding blog_0382.jpg

Chapter II : The Service

The service is always a bit different, vicars in churches are well known for not being keen on us photographers hanging around, but sometimes they do make a huge effort and help to make the day a great experience for everyone..

wedding blog_0383.jpg

I'll usually be somewhere at the front, (trying my best to not get in the way) shooting the groom and best man, and waiting to hopefully get that moment he sees the bride walking up the isle.

Chapter III : The Group Shots

wedding blog_0384.jpg

The group shots of friends and family, yes every wedding has this section of the day, as guests we hate it, and as bride and groom, it's just trying to round people up, who usually end up at the bar..

I'll always try to start with the older & youngest, so they can sit down or go and play knowing their job is done.

Almost everyone just wants to get this bit of the day over with, but it can be quite valuable as you have all your friends and family in the same place, why not get some pictures together. 

Chapter IV : Speeches, Cutting the Cake & First Dance

wedding blog_0385.jpg

So we have done the morning and everyone getting ready, the service is over, and we've battled our way through some family pictures and we can at last start enjoying ourselves a bit more.

The champagne, Wine & beers are usually flowing by now and no doubt talks of the "Best mans speech" are already circulating.

During the wedding breakfast, I'll take this chance to recharge my batteries a bit, as well as clean some camera gear, grab some food and maybe even have a beer, and prepare myself for the evening events..

This section of the day always holds a few surprises, the best man usually delivers some laughs and occasionally the father of the bride will floor the room with emotion.

Sometime in the early part of the evening I will try and take Mr&Mrs outside to try and shoot some images of the couple whilst the sun is setting, or something lovely and memorable, I'll also encourage them to bring their drinks along.

wedding blog_0386.jpg

Chapter V : The aftermath / sorting & editing

That's it, the day is over, the party is in full swing and by now I probably ache everywhere, time to load out the stands & cases and go home.

Now the real work begins..

The following day I'll transfer probably 2000 images and video footage from multipal memory cards and start to organise them, I will at this point edit about 60 images across the day and publish to your page I will have made here for you as a "preview" whilst the day is still fresh..

Now I will sit in front of my computer selecting all the good images, working through each one making adjustments and making them all look great.

Chapter VI : Epilogue 

That is about it, I don't really spend a lot of time posing people, I do my best to make sure the day goes ahead as smooth as possible, even if it is raining/snowing/freezing cold or windy.