A tail of the white van man.. A cautionary tale of a failed delivery..

So after an event like a wedding, you spend quite a lot of time backing up & organising data, then editing all the images you think are of a good standard to send to Mr & Mrs, then of course you move onto designing the wedding album, and ordering all the parts.. 

On this occasion I had to deal with the supplier of my Album & USB case missing out some of the order, so I had already waited 2 weeks for print and delivery, before the happy day I could finally send off the goodies to my bride and groom..

So, I use a local courier company quite a lot, I have use their service many times in the past, sending guitars and all manner of things over the last few years, all error free..

Yes you can guess, Despite my best efforts the album and its wonderful content do not arrive, the courier sub contracted this job out to FedEx, who not only failed to deliver the package, they leave it with a neighbour, oh wait maybe it was a different neighbour, and they can not provide any kind of proof of posting either.. "Did your guy just throw it in the bin?"

I do wonder how you can deliver, yet lose such a bulky, and important package and have absolutely no proof of where you left it or who with, in this fantastic modern era or tracking and things..

Obviously I have now had to re-order all the components again, and claim on the FedEx insurance policy, which of course takes about 2 weeks. 

So lesson learnt, always use royal mail, at least they will keep hold of your things till you can collect them..